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Jeju Island is one of the most popular tourist destination among domestic and international travelers alike for its beautiful and pristine natural scenery, which is located southwest part of the Korea. It is the biggest island of Republic of Korea where basalt rocks cover more than 90% area of this universal volcanic island.
Jeju Island is a unique place worldwide, holding the honors of the natural science area such as UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 2002, UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2007 and UNESCO World Geoparks Network in 2010. Jeju Island also consists of all elements for global natural sight theme, including island, volcano, waterfall, beaches, national park, cave and forest.
Also, the reason why Jeju has been able to be settled as the best place for the conference is its great geographical position. Located at the center of Northeast Asia, there are direct flights to Jeju from hub airports of the major cities in Northeast Asia. For domestic flight, more than 200 flights are available each day (round-trip).

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Popular in Jeju Island

① Hallasan Mountain

As one of Korea’s 3 spirit mountains, Hallasan Mountain is located on the southernmost part of the Korean Peninsula, and lays claim to the title of South Korea’s tallest mountain with the height of 1,950m above sea level.
Home to all sorts of vegetation, the mountain possesses immense scientific value and is a veritable treasure trove of animals and plants, leading to the designation of Hallasan Mountain Natural Reserve as Natural Monument 182 on October 12, 1966.
Furthermore, the majestic figure of Hallasan Mountain rising from the middle of the mountain makes it appear as if it is carrying itself with a benevolent yet tenacious spirit.
This celebrated mountain possesses a view of nature that is constantly changing forms and colors according to the season, and this scenery is guaranteed to elicit gasps and exclamations from all who come across it. The mountain was designated as a National Park on March 24, 1970 and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in December 2002.

② Jeju Olle Trail

Jeju Olle Trail is for every walking traveler. It is believed that this beautiful land of Jeju is in need for those who are dedicated to walk and it is a trail long enough to cater to those who wish to walk as much as they want. We connected broken trails, found long lost trails and recalled vanished trails to complete Jeju Olle circuit. If traveling by car is like a journey of distanced points, Jeju Olle Trail is an intimate journey that weaves together each point. You will encounter the true Jeju and finer details by hiking the trail, which would otherwise be missed in a car. There are more than 20 ways to travel Jeju Olle Trail considering people’s preferences. We invite you to enjoy the Jeju Olle Trail in all seasons and to find peace and love as you slowly drink in the wonder of our island home.

※ Recommended Route : Olle Route 17 (the closest Jeju Olle trail route to downtown)

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